Arena Soccer

ArenaSoccer is the ultimate aid for developing soccer skills. It provides children with a safe place to play and develop their skills at home, between practices and games, alone or with their friends. Our fully enclosed kids’ sports arenas improve reaction time and eye/foot coordination. It is perfect for both serious soccer players or just backyard fun for kids of all ages. Our practically designed sports enclosures can be used to practice street hockey, T-Ball, and other games. ArenaSoccer has been featured at the Dallas Cup for many years. This unique and exciting enclosed backyard soccer arena has been sold in over twenty countries worldwide. 
Why Parents Love ArenaSoccer

  • It’s a safe place for kids to play soccer
  • The ball stays in play and does not go in the street or into windows
  • Provides great exercise in a short amount of time
  • Pets do not interfere with play
  • Children within view of adult supervision
  • Can serve as an enclosed play or eating area
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